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EDEN ECO SOLUTIONS LTD is an international eco consultant, providing specialist solutions for waste management, waste to energy and water recovery, treatment and purification issues by application of advanced, environmentally sustainable technologies.

We specialise in delivering modular, transportable, scalable, low-cost solutions suitable for standalone developments, regional municipalities, smaller or remote towns, rural and even island locations where it is not feasible to build expensive waste, waste to energy or water treatment plants. Such areas typically have waste, energy, water and sanitation issues and our solutions tackle these problems effectively.

Achieving a sustainable world does not require changes in the quality of life or consumers, nor does it require loss of revenues or extra costs for manufacturers and other economic agents,

It is good for your business and great for our world. Find out more…



Management of waste is a global environmental issue with economic social, political and regulatory trends that impose ever-increasing demands upon organisations to reduce waste sent to landfill. Eden Eco Solutions works with global clients who have a progressive and responsible outlook on dealing with waste produced by their organisations.


At Eden Eco Solutions we are passionate about helping businesses switch to renewable energy as the pace gathers to move towards a low-carbon, sustainable economy.

Around the world businesses are discovering that becoming more sustainable helps make them more competitive on many levels, including their bottom line.


Clean water is a limited natural resource essential for life and economic growth. However, many countries and regions simply do not have enough to meet their demands. We seek to meet these challenges through the delivery of world-leading, innovative, eco technology solutions for the supply of fresh water, wastewater treatment and pollution management.


Eden Eco Solutions Consultancy service can review your existing waste solutions and assist you develop statements on reducing the environmental impact of your people, activities and operations in all areas of your business. We can also monitor your environmental practices and their effectiveness by regularly reviewing your environmental policy.


Bio-Thermic waste reduction technology is revolutionizing the global waste management industry, with a world leading, natural solution for this problem.

This process dramatically reduces or even eliminates waste that would normally be transported to landfill. No longer is it necessary for waste to be collected, transported and dumped. It can be safely dealt with at source, improving the environment and producing a potentially useful by-product.

The Centurion Best Western is a large resort that incorporates a hotel, restaurant, golf course and spa. The company run events including weddings, parties, meetings, and other functions which generate waste, e.g. food waste, tissue, plastic, paper, etc. Before the purpose built XO was installed, 4 individual 1100 litre bins were collected twice a week, incurring a high annual waste disposal cost, which is only increasing year on year.

The Client: Chocolate Production Company UAE.

Spread over an area of 1.02 million square feet, the 515,000 – square foot facility, currently employing 555 people, specialises in the manufacturing, canning and packaging of branded products. The results of an XO unit trial show that 2350 kg of influent waste was digested to 186kg of output.

Client/ Location: Miami, Florida,

Home to the city’s Major League Baseball franchise the stadium is located on 17 acres of land and has a capacity 36,740 people. They are the first park globally to achieve the ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ gold certificate. An XO reactor trial between June 30th – July 12th 2017 achieved a mass reduction of 95% during the reactors operation.



The XO unit at the Centurion Best Western Hotel

“We have moved from having 8x 1,100 litre bins collected a week down to less than 2x 1,100 litre bin a week. Our volume reduction is huge. Our savings on haulage are significant and reflect this.”

Mark Manley – General Manager 

Centurion Best Western Hotel

We have recommended the Agrisafe machine to a number of farms and the results have been astounding. It does exactly what it promises to do in an extremely cost effective way – and the return on investment is recovered well within a year.

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This is a technology we have been looking for. It is innovative, simple, easy to maintain and yet effective in treating water to drinking standard without the use of complicated filters or chemical agents.


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