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Why On-Site Management Is The Future Of Waste Disposal

Hospitality is, at its core, the promise of comfort and security. Waste disposal is part of the package – it has to be contained, moved and treated without leaving a bad impression on clientele. Yet doing this at a low cost, for varying types of waste, can be tough with traditional methods. That’s why solutions like ours are poised to save cash for such businesses and better what they offer, all while boosting eco credentials.

Whether you’re in charge of a hotel, office campus or, major sports or leisure complex, it’s high time to explore new developments in waste management. Here’s why…

Effective waste management keeps bad smells and vermin at bay

Just one small chink in a hospitality venue can destabilise a wonderful visit. Bins have to be kept from social areas, top-floor views and entranceways, lest they become unpleasant for the people you serve. Furthermore, an anti pest policy is crucial for keeping waste safe: rats and insects are a red flag for any visitor. Traditionally you have to wait, hold the mixed rubbish, then pay for a service to collect it.

Our XO waste unit presents a much cleaner, simpler route to ridding waste from your premises. It uses bacteria to break down organic compounds, separating them from non-degradable waste in an isolated vessel. Over 48-72 hours, these digestive abilities can bring the waste volume down by up to 95%. All of this is done on-site, secured, and fully limiting the chance of intrusive disposal practises. Essentially, you’re in command of waste management that never leaves an open door to vermin or bad smells.

Extraneous costs are cut down

Since the global economic crash of 2008, hospitality has been a rare bright spot in the UK economy. In 2017, the sector was worth £73bn, yet growth is forecast to stall and eventually drop without government support. Cost-saving will be ever more of an issue in coming years, especially as the impact of Brexit deepens.

Waste disposal teams charge hefty fees for their work because they’re assumed to be the only option. But Eden Eco Solutions’ technology, by contrast, will save your business thousands of pounds in the long run. Instead of paying for intrusive and often unreliable collection, the XO unit merely chews up installation and maintenance costs. This brings the overall price of waste management down, freeing up resources to spend elsewhere.

An eco-friendly message is supported

Finally, our system doesn’t have a direct carbon footprint, in terms of the ways it deals with waste material. There are no damaging emissions produced by the bacterial digestion. And it’s no secret that the majority of consumers like a green agenda. With the XO technology at your back, it’s another string in your bow to present your brand as eco-conscious on every level.

Combined with other low-carbon methods, which we can assist you with, it’s possible to make your hospitality centre a champion for modern, ethical business operations. Aside from the feel-good factor, it may sway more people to make a booking if they’re concerned about the environment.

In summary

Eden Eco Solutions can provide several benefits for any hospitality owner in the UK. All that’s left is to call us today and see how our breakthrough technology will make you a smarter, attractive prospect when fighting for a pedestal in the industry.

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