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4 Reasons To Review Your Waste Disposal Procedure

Our impact on the planet is reaching a critical point. By 2050, scientists predict that there’ll be more plastic than fish in the ocean – just one example of how poor waste management techniques can lead to a world we don’t recognise.

Everyone is responsible for dealing with waste in a more sustainable way. We have to change our habits if we’re going to conserve the general health of our society. In doing so, you’ll also find that your business’ bottom line can actually benefit from positive changes to procedures.

Here, we’ve picked four top reasons to illustrate why a cleaner form of waste disposal is needed…

1. You don’t have to pay for waste collection

Plenty of businesses are used to fitting into the normal mould for waste collection. Essentially, you might pay for a team to visit the premises, collect your rubbish, and take it to landfill. Yet over the years, this can rack up an extortionate amount of cash and – until now – it was assumed to be the only method of waste management, and things just ‘had to be done’ this way.

But our XO technology is set to shake up the sector. Our waste units deal with rubbish on-site, reducing waste by up to 96% and cutting landfill costs along with it.

2. Sorting mixed waste is tough

A blend of organic matter with plastics, cardboard, tin cans, and even glass fragments is, traditionally, hard to separate. Many waste collection companies cannot distinguish one from the other as they dispose of things in the working day. The problem is that a hastily accrued, catch-all rubbish pile undermines broader efforts to be eco-friendly.

Again, the XO unit is the only alternative on the market – digesting organic waste via bio-thermic process and leaving the non-perishables behind when food and natural materials are consumed. It’s an automatic means to sort the waste effectively.

3. Bad hygiene and environmental practices cost you

There are strict penalties in place for anyone who steps over waste regulationsEverything from discharged effluent to slapdash recycling efforts can bring a negative reputation on those in charge. Communities can suffer from inaction on your part to treat the waste safely and sustainably.

So, avoid health risks (and fines) with the latest technology. It also ensures that no open waste is lingering for days on end… Customers will find your venue more appealing, which can have a positive impact on the brand.

4. It’s a vital step to solving a huge problem

2.12 billion tonnes of waste are dumped around the world every year. That’s an astonishing amount: to cope with growth in developing countries, we’d currently need a planet 1.6 times the size of our own for enough landfill and recycling centres to deal with these habits proportionally.

However, a renewed, modern waste management policy can explore other options, like the solutions we’ve detailed in this piece. A smart, carbon-free alternative lets you join the fight for safeguarding the environment, whilst reducing your costs at the same time. It’s a great mission to pursue. Your profits could even climb, as people like to invest in a business that’s playing a role in ensuring a sustainable future.

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