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How To Automate Waste Disposal In Food & Drink Production

As a nation, we produce an incredible of refuse in the food and drink sector. Over half of this waste, according to a WRAP report, is avoidable, with 450,000 tonnes forecast to be needlessly dumped from now until 2025.

Food and drink production is one the main offenders. If you’re in this sector, it’s wise to seek other, less damaging and costly ways of treating waste materials. Luckily, there are methods for skirting typical collection services.

One of them – brought to you by Eden Eco Solutions – is fully automated: we’d like to tell you how it can impact your waste management procedures.

Are there issues with your current system?

Manual waste guidelines are difficult to uphold 100% of the time. Production staff can be told where to store their cast-off materials, but they may forget to take all the right steps to good hygiene and appropriate recycling.

You may be dealing with a lot of varied waste types – plastics, card and tin, for instance, alongside organic matter that can be broken down naturally. Assuming you’ve planned a robust separation technique, people must adhere to it, which is admittedly tough 24/7 when the workload is so high and your organisation has dozens or hundreds of employees rubbing shoulders in the same place. Spillages or dropped food may afflict your facility; left to fester unawares, they can undermine your hygiene standards. When we get rid of waste manually, it’s hard to be sure that it is secure, or even properly deposited.

Aside from that, there’s the reliance on waiting for waste collection teams – largely, this means keeping the refuse for long periods of time, after which you pay for their service. In bulk, it can rack up thousands of pounds a year.

Finally, you’re leaving yourself exposed to landfill tax by relying on teams to arrive, leave and dump the materials somewhere. The standard rate is £84.40 per tonne for non-recycled objects. Over the year, it’s a hefty price to pay for a system that isn’t too reliable.

The alternative is here…

Taking stock of waste issues with food/drink production, we’ve identified three things:

  • The risk of contamination
  • Human error in following the blueprint for mixed waste
  • Direct and associated costs with landfill collection

They stem from our reliance on manual techniques. Instead, Eden Eco Solutions wants to guide you into another option altogether – that of our XO technology, which automates on-site disposal as a green, low-cost investment for the future of your business.

We operate every unit remotely; you only pay for the upfront cost, and the XO will sit in your premises for as long as you need it. It breaks down deposits through digestive bacteria, sorting non-organics from raw food waste in 48-72 hours. That’s another form of automated treatment, as you don’t have to sort waste types apart. Furthermore, volume is dramatically reduced (up to 96%) whilst the enzymes get to work, condensing the resulting waste pile.

Get in touch to see how my team and I can help you

In a single stroke, you erase all the perils and financial pressures we’ve talked about in this piece. Get in touch to learn more about Eden Eco’s incredible technology. It’s a fine, innovative mark of quality for food and drink producers across the UK.