At Eden Eco Solutions our mission is driven by the simple fact that we cannot continue to keep doing what we are doing now.

• We cannot keep dumping our ever increasing waste in landfills or in the sea
• We cannot keep polluting our rivers and seas with our sewage
• We cannot continue to take the global availability of fresh water for granted
• We cannot afford to delay a transition away from a fossil fuel based economy

Consequently we aim to be a national and international resource for and supplier of the most innovative technologies and high quality products and services which will help us to change what we are doing now, protect our fragile environment, and create a better future for our children.

We seek to be the best option for manufacturers and suppliers who wish to reach the growing number of customers who are making purchasing decisions in favour of environmental impact and sustainability.

We are customer oriented and we know how to listen to try to meet your expectations. We recognise the importance of understanding our customers’ business objectives and working with them on an individual basis to find the best solutions. We seek to  meeting these objectives in ways that are aligned with the best interests of our environment. We will demonstrate how changes in your policies, practices and processes with regard to waste, water and energy can be good for your business, and great for our world.

We are excited to see a growing number of businesses, including many of the world’s largest corporations, embracing The 3 P’s of Sustainability: People, Planet & Profits. We aim to operate by these values and seek to build a business that is not only driven by a strong social mission, but is focused on providing outstanding customer servicein the process

Larry Grant

Having worked for over 20 years as a Management Consultant in the Asset Management and Private Equity sectors Larry has a keen insight into how the drive for profits has historically dictated the majority of business decisions. He believes that this is changing, however, and that businesses are increasingly recognising that with heightened consumer awareness and concern about green issues, how their policies and practices impact our fragile planet is actually important to their bottom line. Indeed it was whilst seeking to raise private equity for a company whose products he felt could make a significant improvement to the global  environment that he decided to invest his energy into building a business that would help to make the world a better place for his three young children.

He is passionate about helping businesses maximise their opportunities to transform their environmental footprint and convey the importance of this to their customers and would welcome a conversation with you in this regard. E:

Larry is supported by an equally passionate and growing team with experience across multiple business sectors, including  water treatment and reclamation, sustainable land regeneration, landfill, horticulture, agriculture, renewable energy and waste management disposal.

Eden Eco Solutions is privileged to be able to call upon the expertise and support of a distinguished Advisory Council. Their role is voluntary and is to advise the executive team and other team members as appropriate. Our Advisory Council members are able to lend support to specific projects or challenges that fall within their areas of expertise, as well raising the company’s profile in their centres of influence, both nationally and internationally.

More follows…….