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EDEN ECO SOLUTIONS LTD is an international eco consultant, providing specialist solutions for waste management, waste to energy and water recovery, treatment and purification issues by application of advanced, environmentally sustainable technologies.

We specialise in delivering modular, transportable, scalable, low-cost solutions suitable for standalone developments, regional municipalities, smaller or remote towns, rural and even island locations where it is not feasible to build expensive waste, waste to energy or water treatment plants. Such areas typically have waste, energy, water and sanitation issues and our solutions tackle these problems effectively.

Following is a summary of the primary solutions we are able to deliver, all of which have a large range of applications for business, agriculture and government both in the UK and abroad.


Eden Eco Solutions is a leading global consultant advising on XO digestion technology. This process can automatically process both organic and mixed waste, enabling waste streams to be transformed into a valuable resource whilst protecting the environment along the way. This proprietary technology is based on treating waste using thermophilic bacteria in modular waste units which sustain an environment which rapidly digests organic waste and has the result of large reductions (up to 90%) in waste volume within a short time (48h-72h). This process takes place in contained units that can each process up to12 tonnes of waste per day. The units require little manpower, eliminate smells and vermin, and can operate 24/7. Depending on the input waste stream the by-product may have commercial value as an organic soil improver or fuel to generate energy. This technology can process almost any organic, mixed, or sludge waste stream and can form all or part of a total waste solution.

Who Can Benefit?

  • National & Municipal Government
  • Waste Handlers and Waste Contractors
  • Composting Facilities
  • Water Utilities
  • AD Facilities & Manufacturers
  • Agricultural waste
  • Food & Drink Manufacturers
  • Large Hotels
  • Corporate and University Campuses
  • Any Large Volume Producers of Mixed or Organic Waste


The Waste Park is our total solution that can, over time, reverse the historic waste problem that many countries face, and prevent even further environmental destruction in the future. A Waste Park would be strategically located where waste arrives or can already be found (such as more remote urban landfills). In these parks we provide the solutions for the three main waste streams (organic, non-organic or mixed).

Eden Eco Solutions provides an end-to-end project management of the implementation of Waste Parks that will reduce or eliminate waste to landfill, provide energy (by co-locating the desired number of modular waste to energy plants), restore the environment, reclaim, land for use and create employment, thus providing a tangible return on investment.

Sewage Waste Management

Some countries, (or large areas of some countries) have no centralized sanitation facilities and no opportunity exists for any type of sewage treatment. Human waste often makes its way into surface waters, rivers and ultimately reaches the coastal ocean. Yet de-watered sewage has a high content of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium – nutrients which are essential for healthy soil. Eden Eco solutions can deliver a solution to this problem and bring about a radical transformation.

By instigating a low-tech de-watering processes and then routing sewage sludge via our exothermic process we can reduce its volume by about 80% leaving a residue that is safe, pathogen-free, dry and easy to handle.  In effect, we are able to deliver a sewage management facility that is ideal for small or remote towns and villages or for stand-alone urban developments. Compared to building a typical sewage treatment plant, this solution is low cost, modular and expandable, as well as highly effective. The residual digestate can be used as bio-fuel if or processed for fertilizer if of sufficiently high quality.


Our energy focus is on provision of low-cost, containerised waste to energy plants that can be sited at the location of waste production and which can produce from 200kw to 500kw power from a wide variety of feedstock. A larger plant delivering up to multiple megawatts of power can easily be constructed from multiple units. By combining these plants with our waste reduction units, a consistent feedstock is delivered resulting in very low operating and maintenance costs for the waste to energy plant itself. This facilitates production dispersion resulting in greater security of energy resources utilising a virtually free source. This enables Eden Eco Solutions to offer a genuinely circular solution to clients producing large volumes of waste, transforming costs into potential positive returns.


Clean water is a limited natural resource essential for life and economic growth. However, many countries and regions simply do not have enough to meet their demands and with the predicted doubling of the world’s population over the next 20 years, this problem is expected to increase. Cleaner drinking water and wastewater management – the safe discharge of water from industries, including mining and construction, the need to recycle water and recover precious metals, and the ongoing strengthening of environmental legislation – all mean that more effective and sustainable treatment technologies will be required. We seek to meet these challenges head on by bringing solutions to our clients based upon world leading, innovative, eco technology solutions for the supply of fresh water, wastewater treatment and pollution management.

In addition to the more industrial or municipal applications above we can advise on totally integrated water solutions for Home, Business, and Industry. Our supply partner uses patented technology to provide a chemical-free purification solution to independently verified drinking water standards. This provides a 24/7 365-day guaranteed pure drinking water solutions.

  • Residential Premises
  • Commercial and Office Premises
  • Hospitality, Restaurants and Pubs
  • Nursing Home and Cleaning Services
  • Medical and Dental Practices
  • Schools, Colleges and Sports Halls
  • Anywhere that requires 24/7 365-day guaranteed pure drinking water.

The unique benefits of this proven and patented technology include the ability to source water from your own rain-harvesting system, wells, surface water, boreholes or municipally supplied water. This is the only chemical-free water purification system available which inactivates all pathogenic organisms from a water supply, including E.coli, Salmonella, Legionella bacteria, Campylobacter bacteria and the Cryptosporidium oocyst.

This technology also provides a totally integrated bio-security solution for the agricultural food processing sectors. The agricultural version of the product uses patented technology to deliver a naturally self-disinfecting supply of pure ozonated water for Livestock (Beef, Dairy, Poultry, Piggery & Equine) which has been proven to dramatically improve animal health, increase weight gain, reduce mortality and reduce the use of antibiotics. Food Processing & Hydroponic Cultures also can benefit. Water can be sourced from wells, surface water, boreholes, rain-harvesting systems or municipally supplied water.


Our consulting service includes end to end project management advising clients on the most innovative technologies that can deliver the best solutions that are cost effective and environmentally friendly. We are customer-oriented and we recognise the importance of understanding our customers’ business objectives and working with them on an individual basis. We seek to meet these objectives in ways that are aligned with the best interests of our environment, demonstrating how changes in client policies, practices and processes can be good both for business and for our world.

  • Waste management and reduction
  • Waste to biofuel
  • Organic waste to compost
  • Containerised waste to energy plants
  • Containerised off-grid solar cooling plants
  • Drinking water purification
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Waste water treatment and recovery
  • Ground water and mining
  • Mineral recovery from industrial discharge
  • Sludge de-waterting and Oil Separation