A revolution in environmentally friendly, energy from waste technology

Environmental responsibility is vital to protecting our future. Part of this is the global drive to replace fossil fuels and Energy from Waste (EfW) is increasingly being seen as a major part of the solution. EfW is the process of creating energy from waste materials, and is in fact a form of energy recovery, which in the process, helps to minimise waste too.

Energy from waste is a hot topic at the minute in the fight against climate change and it’s role in promoting longer term environmental responsibility is taking on increased global significances for governments, municipalities, businesses and agricultural enterprises.

At Eden Eco Solutions our focus is on smaller modular gasification technology which we believe provides far greater flexibility with the potential for application in a wide variety of situations. Our technology  provides inexpensive and clean electric power and heat/cold generation from efficient thermal conversion of a wide variety of biowastes, such as mixed solid waste, food industry waste,  non-recyclable plastics, rubber and even (de-watered) sewage. This can make a major contribution towards a zero-carbon economy and bring distributed power a big step closer for communities struggling with both poor waste management and chronic power shortages.

Gasification, as applied to solid waste materials and biomass is a relatively new applications of this technology that is increasingly being used for the disposal of wastes. The waste stream comprising the fuel is heated with little or no oxygen to produce “syngas” which can be used as a fuel in a turbine or combustion engine to generate electricity. or as a feedstock for producing methane, chemicals, biofuels, or hydrogen

Each unit can produce from 100KWe to 500KWe from up to 10-12 tonnes per day of variable feed stock. These are delivered as a turnkey solution and the small footprint of the units means that they can be located right here the waste is produced, eliminating unnecessary transportation and handling costs and contributing towards a more secure, decentralised energy supply. This solution is fully scalable as the number of units can be increased and operated simultaneously according to the client’s energy requirements. The units are designed and manufactured utilising the latest engineering practices and each unit is robust and high quality, designed to handle the most challenging of waste streams.


Some Benefits of EfW
Who Can benefit?
  • Reduces dependency on electric grid
  • De-centralised urban waste management
  • Diverting waste otherwise landfilled
  • Standalone development projects
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Towns and villages with landfills
  • Controllable electricity output
  • Islands and rural locations
  • Supplements other energy solutions
  • Governments and municipalities
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Businesses with high-volume waste*


The low cost, small size and carbon-neutral operation are achieved by integrating the thermal converter and a generator in a container with extremely compact, electric gas-cleanup device (PARS), using<1% of generated energy. In our power plants the use of a novel electric scrubber (PARS) translates into higher efficiency, lower generator emissions and lower costs. This unique gas scrubber is based on several patents and scientific know-how, acquired in over 25 years of work in this field.

Size(m): EfW 100 & 200 KWe 1 x 6058L x 2438W x 2900H (1 x 20 ft. shipping container)
Size (m)EfW 500 KWe 2 x 12192L x 2438W x 2900H (2 x 40 ft. shipping containers)
Weight: ca. 9800 kg (20 ft.), ca. 24,000 kg (2x40 ft.)
Area required: ca. 80 m2 (200 kWe), 250 m2 (500 kWe)
Features: containerized, mobile waste processing and power plant
Output: 1.2-1.5 kWh/kg feedstock, CHP efficiency >50%
Economics: capex 1.80 – 2.00 euro/kWe, C < 0.04 euro/kWhe
Pricing: Turnkey project funding available subject to electricity tariff

About Eden Eco Solutions Ltd

Eden Eco Solutions Ltd was founded in 2017 however our team have been actively involved in the area of

environmentally-responsible power and fuels since 2005 in the United States, Poland and the United Kingdom, providing consulting services on integrating off-grid and climate-related technologies to satisfy everyday human energy needs, including energy from waste and solar cooling. We work with selected international partners who are well positioned to handle all aspects of their local corporate and municipal market.

Within our team we also have expertise in asset backed project funding and can work as J.V. partners with major eco projects or new eco technology which has a clear route to market but may need to raise capital for production or expansion.