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One of the most high profile waste solutions being developed today is the process of  Waste-to-energy (WtE) – at Eden Eco Solutions this technology is already in place and fully operational.  We are also passionate about helping businesses switch to renewable energy and have partnered with Clean Energy UK to deliver this. 

We have partnered with the manufacturer of low-cost, containerized waste to energy plants that can be sited at the location of waste production and which can produce from 200kw to 500kw power from a wide variety of feedstock. A larger plant delivering up to multiple megawatts of power can easily be constructed from multiple units. By combining these plants with our waste reduction units, a consistent feedstock is delivered resulting in very low operating and maintenance costs for the waste to energy plant itself. This facilitates dispersion of great security energy resources utilising a virtually free source.

This is a major step forward for us, meaning that we can now offer a genuinely circular solution to clients producing large volumes of waste. Our partner can manage, supply and install skid mounted turnkey waste to energy systems, project manage the equipment assembly and its installation and train on the operation of the plant.

Waste to Energy can deliver solutions to the following problems that are blighting the world today:

  • 1.3 billion t of wastes/yr globally, >700 kg wastes/pp/yr
  • Illegal wastes disposal > CO2 (agro, domestic, industrial)
  • 4 billion people with unregulated/illegal landfills
  • Poor access to clean energy (nearly 50% of India off-grid)
  • Reliance on fossil fuels, intermittent renewable energy
  • Waste transportation to incinerators
  • Incinerator cost and emissions
  • Climate-changing methane emissions from existing landfills
  • Mixed- or bonded material waste difficulties

Animation of a distributed power plant 500-2000 kWe, running on biomass, sewage sludge or sorted municipal waste.

The BIOLEUX Polska company was founded in Poland in 2009 with a view to the emergence of renewable energy on the market. After obtaining a license from ECP for the production of equipment for clean and energy-efficient gasification of organic raw materials, such as biomass, agricultural and forest waste as well as municipal waste and sewage sludge. The effect of such gasification is the production of electricity and fuels.

Renewable Energy

Would a 100% Clean Energy Supply Benefit Your Organisation?

At Eden Eco Solutions we are passionate about helping businesses switch to renewable energy. After all, being part of the renewable energy revolution is something to be proud of as the pace gathers to move towards a low-carbon, sustainable economy. Around the world businesses are discovering that becoming more sustainable helps make them more competitive on many levels, including their bottom line.

• Halve your business carbon footprint in one simple step
• Promote your business as being ethical and green
• Reduce business costs

Most business owners would like to have a positive impact on the world, but are put off by the potential time and financial investment required. Eden Eco Solutions free service solves this problem by helping your business become more sustainable in simple, easy steps.

Join the World's largest companies

Many of the world’s largest companies have pledged via the RE:100 movement to switch their businesses over to 100% renewable energy including Nike, Starbucks, BMW, IKEA, Unilever, Walmart and Google. They recognise that there is no business case for a wrecked planet and that the transition can actually provide a competitive advantage.

Customers will follow

The market research firm Nielsen has concluded that 66% of the worlds consumers are willing to put their money where their heart is when it comes to goods and services from companies committed to social responsibility. Eden Eco Solutions will work with you to help find the best way of communicating your transition to renewable energy to staff and customers.

Being good made easy

Most business owners would like to have a positive impact on the world, but are put off by the potential time and financial investment required. Eden Eco Solutions free service solves this problem by helping your business become more sustainable in simple, easy steps.

Renewable Energy Supply Review

We will review the market on your behalf and find the most appropriate renewable supplier or tariff. Eden Eco Solutions’ recommendations normally save businesses money proving that renewable energy really doesn’t cost the earth. We work with one of the renewable energy markets most innovative and forward thinking organisations Clean Energy UK who will oversee the switch and will remain on hand to provide advice during your supply agreement.

Eden Eco Solutions have partnered with Clean Energy UK. A purpose driven business started by a team of people who are passionate about our future. Concerned by the speed of change to a low-carbon, sustainable economy they decided to facilitate change by disrupting the traditional energy market and helping businesses switch to clean renewable energy.

The traditional industry would like to keep secret that this is even possible let alone that it can often save money.

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