Management of waste is a global environmental issue with economic social, political and regulatory trends that impose ever-increasing demands upon organisations to reduce waste sent to landfill.

Eden Eco Solutions works with global clients who have a progressive and responsible outlook on dealing with waste produced by their organisations.

The Solution

We are Approved Technical Consultants for Advetec Holdings Ltd whose Bio-Thermic waste reduction technology is revolutionizing the global waste management industry, with a world leading, natural solution for this problem.

We provide a fully proven environmentally friendly solution which can achieve up to a 96% reduction of waste at the customer’s location within 48-72 hours, delivering substantial and immediate savings against current and future waste disposal costs, whilst improving green and carbon credentials.


This process dramatically reduces or even eliminates waste that would normally be transported to landfill. No longer is it necessary for waste to be collected, transported and dumped. It can be safely dealt with at source, improving the environment and producing a potentially useful by-product.

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The waste streams that can be processed include Sewage Sludge, Mixed Solids waste, Food & Drink and Agriculture. Research & Development are continuing on Medical waste and Marine Shipboard waste to comply with regulatory requirements. In each of these area the process is able to achieve substantial reductions in waste volume and mass, transforming waste to a manageable digestate and reclaiming water if necessary.

The process takes between 48-72 hours in the Advetec XO units, safely converting up to 20 tonnes daily (per XO unit) of organic waste into water and a dry powdery product.

At the heart of the process is a blend of extremophile bacteria and specially developed nutrients on which the bacteria thrive enabling them to rapidly digest organic material through an exothermic reaction.

This innovative process has proved to be far more efficient than anaerobic digestion alone and minimises the need for further processing, enabling food companies and the like to discharge clean water to sewers, or reclaim the water if desired. This process happens within 48-72 hours and the output material is dry and can have a high calorific value.

The product range is tailored to cater for varying waste streams with bespoke solutions for industrial food and drink manufacturing, hotels and leisure industry through to agricultural produce and municipal waste handlers and water utilities.

Research is ongoing to blend different strains of extremophile bacteria and the nutrients that encourage them to deal with more complex organic waste streams.

The Technology

The Advetec XO, based  on the successful Bio-Thermic Digester technology, is an in-vessel solution engineered to rapidly digest organic waste. These small foot print units can deliver between 60% and 90% reduction in mass from mixed organic waste streams. The Advetec XO is the only on-site solution which can handle non organic or unsorted waste contained within the organics. The units are enabled with remote telemetry allowing delivery of a complete solution, operating 24/7 anywhere in the world managed from UK facilities.

Advetec Bio-Reactor

The Advetec Bio-Reactor is a purpose built unit designed and manufactured to provide a turnkey solution for the on-site treatment of liquid effluent and reducing organic concentrations in liquid waste.

The units are designed to meet the requirements of customers facing typical issues with liquid waste but can also be tailored to meet specific requirements.

  • Limited access
  • Restricted Space
  • Effluent taken from existing drains
  • Significantly reduces COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
  • Significantly reduces TSS (Total Suspended Solids)
  • Has a smaller footprint due to innovative technology
  • Reduces your discharge levels and saves costs
  • Endorses your corporate environmental policy and targets
  • Gives you control of your discharged effluent
  • Reduces fines due to consent issues
The simple answer is – we can help ANY sector or organisation producing significant volumes of organic, mixed, liquid or sludge waste.


We are able to provide this technology under a Capital Purchase with Service Agreement, or under a full Managed Service Agreement which eliminates up-front costs and delivers significant savings against our customer’s current monthly waste disposal costs.

Hotels & Convention Centres | Sports & Leisure Complexes | Colleges & Universities Corporate Office Campuses | Residential Care Homes | Shopping Malls & Food Courts | Palaces & Stately Homes Meat, Fish, Vegetable/Fruit Markets | Food & Drink Manufacturers | Agricultural Growers & Producers | Livestock, Poultry & Fisheries | Holiday Parks & Resorts Composting Waste Management | Rural or Island Waste Management | Military Barracks Marinas & Dockyards | Local Government Authorities